F450UHT (Ultra High Temperature)

Cooling capacity between 375 y 650 tons per day

CONSERFRIO® refrigerators provide the most economic and natural preservation of all types of grains, seeds and perishable granulates such as wheat, barley, rice, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, sorghum, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds …, granulated feed for cattle, alfalfa granulated, etc.

  • The equipment is assembled and tested in our facilities. CE certificate
  • Tropicalized, specially designed to operate under extreme climatic environments.
  • Fully automatic, they control the temperature of the cooled air and its relative humidity.
  • Control via touch screen HMI and intuitive menu.
  • Motors provided for speed regulation: energy saving and smooth and silent operation.
  • Provided with metallic protective body
  • Great experience, we built grain refrigerators since 1969
  • Company certified ISO 9001: 2015 by TÜV Rheinland


Cooling capacity  
Maximum capacity 650 tons/day
Minimum capacity 375 tons/day
Average capacity 550 tons/day
Air flow of the cold air fan
1000 Pa 24500 m3/h
2000 Pa 22000 m3/h
3000 Pa 19000 m3/h
4000 Pa 15000 m3/h
5000 Pa 8000 m3/h
Cooling capacity of the compressor to
50 Hz 60 Hz
10ºC / +40ºC evaporation / condensation temperatures 224,0 kW 266,0 kW
10ºC / +50ºC 195,0 kW 231,0 kW
10ºC / +60ºC 165,0 kW 195,0 kW
10ºC / +70ºC 135,0 kW 160,0 kW
Connected power 50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal power of compressor electric motor 43,9 kW 53,7 kW
Absorption of power in normal conditions to=0ºC / tc=40ºC 69,7 kW 83,6 kW
Maximum connected power 112,0 kW 134,4 kW
CEE electrical connector (250A Conector included) 250 A 250 A
Connection of the cold air duct ø 700 mm
Main dimensions    
Lenght 4855 mm
Widht 2340 mm
Hight 3617 mm
Weight 4045 Kg

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