Equipment in product coolers

Apart from the standard program for the manufacture of cereal refrigeration equipment, on demand we design and build equipment for other types of applications where air is required under controlled hygrometric conditions, regardless of the environmental climate.

An example is the use of air treated with our equipment in chillers of various products such as nuts and snacks after the process of roasting, frying, etc. This allows the product to cool down to reach safe temperature levels, which makes it possible to immediately pack the product at the end of the process without quality losses due to excessive temperature and its undesired effect on oils and fats.

Use for drying

Another successful application is the use of equipment for drying processes – using temperate and very dry air – of very delicate products, such as seeds. The drying process is carried out without thermal shock, which guarantees drying without damage to the product.

Another common use is the use of equipment for the maintenance of certain temperature and humidity conditions inside cold rooms.

In general, our equipment can be used in innumerable processes where it is required a clean air jet to humidity and temperature controlled with high precision and its application is usually immediate, without requiring expensive fixed installations or civil works.