The company CONSERGRA, S.L.U. It dedicates its industrial activity to the manufacture of special refrigeration equipment, which is generally used in the conservation of cereals and perishable granules. It commercializes the refrigerators that it makes as well as other accessories related to the sector. Distributes and installs analyzer instruments for laboratory use and process control, adapting each equipment to the client’s needs.

The scope of the quality system covers the activities carried out in the production plant of the headquarters, located in Manresa

Its quality policy is based on satisfying the needs of its customers, meeting their requirements and trying to exceed their expectations. For this, CONSERGRA knows that it is essential to have competent personnel, trained and involved in the achievement of objectives and committed to the company, and therefore, to its customers.

With a fluid communication and collaboration with all the environment of CONSERGRA (Clients, Suppliers and Staff), the existing needs are analyzed looking for:

  • Economic profitability and company growth.
  • Maximum customer satisfaction.
  • The excellence of our products based on the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
  • The fulfillment of the quality objectives.

With the information that is collected and analyzed, the continuous improvement actions of the entire organization are applied, creating, implementing and maintaining the procedures subject to improvement.

Management is committed to promoting the following actions:

  • Consider customer satisfaction as the fundamental objective of the activities.
  • Establish quality objectives and goals that are consistent with the company’s aims, periodically revised to adapt to the dynamism of the market.
  • Identify, analyze, evaluate and treat all possible events or situations that may prevent the fulfillment of the objectives.
  • Disseminate and disseminate both the quality policy and risk management and the needs of customers, so that everyone is aware of their role within the quality system, is motivated and actively participates to achieve the objectives set.
  • Staff training to enhance their capabilities within the company.
  • Adopt the forms of work and the economically available improvements, fostering always the responsibility and sensitivity with respect to the continuous improvement of quality.
  • Plan and develop actions aimed at reducing the costs of non-quality and improving productivity.
  • Guarantee of the safety of the equipment and the personnel that manages them, as well as the protection of the environment.
  • Compliance with current legal regulations and mandatory compliance in all aspects that concern the company.

Management ensures the availability of the resources necessary to carry out the activities and expects that all personnel, whatever their function and position of work, share this commitment with quality, rigorously complying with the guidelines set throughout the System of Quality.