The most economical and ecological method for storing cereals. Cold storage  is especially beneficial for rice, corn, wheat, barley, soya beans, sunflower seeds, sorghum, cotton seed, green coffee, granules of alfalfa and compound food…


It is applicable in silos and warehouses. In the case of silos, the refrigerator is connected in place of the aeration fan. Its installation is usually immediate and does not require additional works. In the case of warehouses, these must previously have a special air conduction system, either above or below the floor. Our technical department will advise you in this regard.


The cold air produced by CONSERFRIO® is led to the bottom of the silo. This air begins to cool the grain of the lower layers, pushing the heat, which crosses the entire mass of grain in an upward direction absorbing its heat, and escapes in the form of warm air through the upper openings of the silo. The cooling concludes when the air that escapes from the grain mass is cold. In the case of cooling of warehouses, the process is similar to that which takes place in silos. Cereal is a poor conductor of heat, which means that it serves as a good insulator. The heat radiation on that cold grain, even in a silo or metallic warehouse, it has little influence. Thus needs no insulation.


Avoids the typical grain storage problems: heat development, insects, fermentation, molds, toxins, loss of weight due to the metabolism of the grain, water condensation. Allows moisture content in the higher grain, without risk, thus eliminating the expensive and dangerous use of chemical  insects treatments. The product is stored in the best conditions. Operating costs are lower than those of traditional storage systems. CONSERFRIO ® equipment are normally amortized during the first year of use.

Maximum period of storage depending on the temperature and humidity of the product


We have a wide range of models with different capabilities and benefits that cover most of the needs (from 50 tons up to 600 tons per day). Hundreds of installed equipment in many countries endorse us.

F40.Cooling capacity between 30 and 60 tons per day.

F200TD.Cooling capacity between 150 and 320 tonnes per day

F300TD.Cooling capacity between 300 and 400 tonnes per day

F450TD.Cooling capacity between 450 and 700 tonnes per day