Power: 9 volt battery.

The Haymatic digital is an essential tool for determining water content in alfalfa, forages, and similar products. Knowing the moisture content of these products is greatly important, be it purchase-sale, storing, drying or packing operations, since high humidity in the same causes fungal attack, discoloration and rotting, leading the product to lose  its value and with the added risk of spontaneous fire.

The Haymatic Digital is portable, robust and easy to operate and provides direct reading in its digital display.

In order to obtain the maximum precision in a complete lot and to facilitate tasks, the Haymatic Digital stores at will up to 250 consecutive measurements, and then automatically provides the average value of all of them. The procedure is simple: you  insert the probe into the product and the moisture value instantly appears on the screen. If you want to store it in the memory of the device, simply press the button. Pressing the button without inserting the probe into the product gives you the average value of the last (maximum 250) measurements stored.

Available Accessories

  • Probe of 25 cm
  • Probe 50 cm
  • Special comb probe, indicated for bulk product without packaging.
  • Handle with extension cable, to separate the probe from the instrument.