Haymatic BLE- Moisture analyzer compatible with  iPhone/ iPod


Haymatic Digital BLE is the new version of the named Haymatic instrument, now developed to support iPhone and iPod devices. Thanks to its new application, it makes possible to spare the cost derived from the pressing, storage and merchandising procedures of the product, by providing accurate, fast and storable measurements. All the obtained data can be later easily managed to avaluate their  traceability. Haymatic BLE provides the following information:

– Digital reading of the moisture, rank 10-80 %

– Easy use, not previous settings needed.

– Wireless interface available in  iPhone / iPod devices (* ask for iPhone compatible versions).

The integrated interface allows:

– To calculate the averages (%)

– To identificate: e.g.: data and time, moisture value, client name and product type.

– Readings storage  in the iCloud (for the posterior data management, invoicing, etc..)

– To work together with a scale (it requires an additional interface).




– Handle with 1.5 m. extension cord

– 50 cm. reading spear

– 25 cm. reading spear

– Short “comb” spear

– Long “comb” spear

– Interface to  compound the data with a scale of bales/load-trucks