Portable moisture measuring instruments are light and simple in their handling; They are used to quickly and accurately check the humidity in different products. Its field of application is in the entry of goods or quality control.


These instruments are compact, they work with battery, they have an LCD screen with backlight and integrated flat sensor.

Depending on the model, it includes a suitcase for transport, in which the instrument is located, the universal power source, a battery charger for use in the car and an interface cable.

Measuring field

The measurement range is specific to each material. The temperature of the product can reach from 5 to 60 Celsius degrees, and is determined by a built-in infrared-type temperature sensor. The temperature can be compensated with an optional automatic calibration.


The standard deviation is material-specific and has a value of 0.5%, when measuring 10 times in the same sample.

Measurement time

Less than 1 second


The memory houses up to 25 calibrations of different products and up to 200 measurement values.


The instrument has a USB port for connection to a PC and a connection for a feeder.


In addition to the instrument’s internal software, the TEWS Moisture View Light software can be used for communication with a PC.


The flat part of the dish-shaped sensor must be placed in direct contact with the sample to be analyzed and in a second the humidity value is determined and displayed on the screen.


This is a variant of the MW1100. The electronics of the system is hung with a banner and the sensor is held by hand, pointing to the product under analysis. It has application in various products.