In the processing of food, chemical and pharmaceutical products, minerals, etc., the humidity of the product plays a very important role, determining the quality and other parameters of the process.

High measuring speed

Traditionally there are methods to measure humidity such as thermo-balance, drying oven or Karl-Fischer …, which if done correctly offer satisfactory results. However, they require a waiting time that is sometimes unacceptable before obtaining the result, as the result is obtained after a few minutes and even after several hours. These measurement methods are discarded when continuous and accurate values ​​are needed for the regulation of a process or to check the quality continuously. With the TEWS Elektronik microwave resonance method, each measurement takes only a fraction of a second. The measurement speed is more than 100 measurements per second capturing the humidity of products in process even in very fast movement

Insensitivity to external interference

For the “on-line” measurement of humidity there are several technologies that do not always satisfy the demanded conditions. Our patented system eliminates alterations in the results when the product (for example density, color, particle size, irregular moisture distribution between the surface and interior of the particle) or environmental conditions at the measurement site (dust, different apparent volume). The moisture measurement systems of TEWS Elektronik are characterized by being insensitive to this type of external interference. The patented analysis method of Tews Elektronik allows a reliable and immediate collection of moisture from the sample completely independent of its color, structure or density.

Appropriate equipment for practical application

The measuring instruments for process control, as well as the laboratory measuring instruments, are characterized by their compactness and industrial quality. For areas classified by their potential danger of explosion, we offer equipment with special protection. For the transfer of data, control signals and for communication with the process control systems we have at your disposal all the usual industrial communication ports. The instruments of the MW 4200 series are compatible with all sensors of the new Blueline® production series.


The MW4200 analyzer is designed for humidity control in industrial process in innumerable applications, within the chemical, pharmaceutical, agri-food, construction, etc. sectors.

The sensor is flat type only and has a very robust anti-wear surface. The deep penetration of the microwave field into the sample enables a reliable and representative analysis.

MW4260 / MW4270

The MW4260/4270 analyzers are designed for moisture and density control in industrial processes in innumerable applications within the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, construction, etc. sectors.

Touch screen and computer for handling

The MW4270 instrument for on-line measurement is equipped with a color touch screen with which the obtained values ​​are visualized, as well as enabling to see and adjust the configuration parameters of the instrument. The MW4260 has a 4-line digital display to indicate the measurement values. The necessary configuration is made through PC and the TEWS Moisture View program, which is included.

The MW4260/4270 are combinable with a wide variety of sensors, both flat type and bypass type. Depending on the particularities of the material to be analyzed and the need for the parameter “density” concurrently with the “humidity” parameter, the appropriate sensor is chosen for each application.


The MW-T analyzer is based on microwave transmission technology. Determine the average value of moisture and density of bales as they pass through a conveyor belt.