Moisture analyzer for grains and seeds

Designed for use in grain trade, seed production, dryers, maltings, feed mills ...
  • Does not require grinding the sample
  • High accuracy
  • Integrated printer, output for data export and second printer
  • Automatic operation
  • Memory available for 200 calibrations.
  • Standard programmed with calibrations for wheat, corn, barley, oats, rye, sunflower, rapeseed, pea, soybean, barley malt, wheat malt, flax, spelled …

Measurement principle

Granomat measures the capacity (dielectric constant), the weight and temperature of the sample; parameters with which it obtains the humidity and specific weight of the same. The volume of the sample is representative, 600 ml, and it is not required to grind the product for analysis.


Granomat, moisture analyzer is prepared to measure all types of cereals, legumes, oilseeds and malt. The memory can store up to 200 different calibrations. List of calibrations available on demand.

Automatic operation

The measurement is automatic. The user simply must put product in the entrance hopper, choose the product from the list and press the button that starts the process. The introduction of a note identifying the sample is allowed. The equipment automatically fills its measuring cell, which guarantees a satisfactory and reproducible obtaining of the specific weight.

The measurement of the sample occurs in just 2 seconds. The product is emptied from the cell and introduced into the collection drawer. The analysis is non-destructive and therefore the sample can be re-analyzed. After the measurement, Granomat displays on the screen and prints on paper the humidity (%), specific weight (kg / hl) and temperature (ºC) of the sample analyzed. The printer is integrated into the equipment frame.


Granomat has been designed in compliance with the CE standards and the recommendations of the OIML (International Metrology Calibration Organization).

Corresponds to category A, class II.

Granomat is approved in Germany and other countries.


There are 2 serial ports and one parallel port for external printer connection as well as data acquisition systems, PC, PLC. Granomat executes a self-test immediately after each start-up, checking its circuits and measuring, among others, its internal capacity. It is robust and maintenance free. Its construction is modular and allows a very fast inspection and technical service.